Unitized fiber backing discs

Technical information

Available Ø 115 mm
Available hardness soft, soft/medium, medium
Max rpm 10.000


Unitized fiber backing discs are compressed non-woven discs with glass fiber backing pads, made of compressed layers of abrasive cloth and resin bonded.

They are used on angle grinders to prepare surfaces before painting. They easily remove the marks of previous operations and reduce the roughness of the workpiece.

They are available in Ø115 mm in soft (532), soft/medium (632), medium (732) in hard (811, 821, 822) density, in Aluminum Oxide abrasive (coarse and medium grit) and Silicon Carbide abrasive (fine grit).

Cta Calflex offers its Unitized version: all the advantages of this tool with an excellent price-quality ratio.