The GENERAL MANAGEMENT of Cta Calflex S.r.l. defines its own “Quality Policy”, framing it in a broader vision of the general corporate strategy, aiming for excellence and constant growth. The company strategy follows the following general lines:

  • understand and know the business context;
  • give full attention to customers and comply with their requirements;
  • carry out business for real and lasting results;
  • give, as a result of the process, products in line with the highest quality standards, acknowledging every quality requirement associated with standards or laws applicable to the product (UNI EN 13743);
  • aim at the education and training of human resources, in order to increase the overall professional culture and create an efficient work group;
  • pay the utmost attention to the environment and protect the safety of all the workers;
  • commit as much as possible to safeguarding the effects on climate both in terms of the company and the product.

The company policy aims at:

  • meeting customer expectations, even if not blatantly expressed;
  • maintaining an effective communication system with the customer and/or any interested party, with the goal of acknowledging their needs, informing them about the improvement process and the achieved results;
  • ensuring that the produced items comply with the applicable standards and specifications and that they meet the requirements of suitability for use, performance, safety and reliability;
  • evolving the corporate culture towards the concept of “total quality” by training internal human resources through the specialization of technical-professional skills and by attributing responsibility and authority at every level; by creating training / informative sessions on specific issues related to quality, environment, health and safety;
  • constantly improving the Quality Management System;
  • analyzing every risk and opportunity associated with company processes and activities.

 To this end, Cta Calflex S.r.l. decided to:

  • involve all the staff through constant information and training activities;
  • prepare an organizational structure aimed at implementing the company’s goals;
  • provide adequate equipment and resources suitable for the company;
  • exercise constant monitoring of the implementation of the Manual of the Company;
  • periodically review the compliance of the Quality System with the Company Policy and make the necessary changes to achieve this objective;
  • periodically update the objectives, also evaluating the contribution of the customer and other interested parties, with the aim of constantly improving the products and services.

The GENERAL MANAGEMENT is committed to review this document annually, integrating the general corporate objectives.

The General Management

Cta Calflex S.r.l.

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