Trizact™ flap wheels with holes


The Trizact™ flap wheel with holes has a longer life than traditional abrasives flap wheels because Trizact™ is made with a special abrasive with a pyramidal structure. The abrasive granules are identical pyramids and they are positioned evenly, unlike traditional abrasives, where the distribution of the mineral is random and irregular. Trizact™ allows a constant finishing without imperfections until the complete wear of the tool, which will consequently last longer.

This abrasive structure allows better results too, in particular in polishing operations where roughness and imperfections must be minimal or absent.

We produce Trizact™ flap wheels with holes from 100×50, 100×100 up to 165×30, 165×50, 200×30, 200×50.

The range of grits is wide: A160, A100, A80, A65, A45, A30, A16, A6.

Our Trizact™ product range also includes flap wheels with spindlebeltsdiscs, and spiral bands.