Wide range of abrasive paper, cloth, and fiber discs

Abrasive paper, cloth, and fiber discs are available in a wide range of sizes, holes, grits, and materials. They are realized with Aluminum Oxide, and Zirconia abrasive. They are perfect for preparation, sanding, and finishing operations, both on metal or different surfaces.

Discs are available in the following setup:

  • Paper or net discs
  • Trizact™ discs with black Velcro
  • Aluminum Oxide and Zirconia self-adhesive cloth discs for mold makers
  • Quick lock discs Socatt and Lockit
  • Pads for quick lock discs
  • Fiber discs
  • Cubitron™ discs
  • Non-woven discs (also with velcro)
  • Fiben discs (reinforced abrasive non-woven)
  • Ventilated with 4 layers
  • Fiber-backing Unitized discs
  • Compressed Unitized discs
  • Quick change non-woven discs
  • Felt discs
  • Surface Conditioning stars
  • Non-woven cross buffs