Discover the production process of abrasive belts. We tell you the necessary steps to obtain the production of high quality abrasive belts.

How abrasive belts are produced

The production process of the abrasive belts starts from the warehouse where large rolls of row material arrive. The rolls are then sectioned into rolls of smaller sizes.

From rolls to belts

Afterwards, the abrasive belts are cut from the rolls in the length required by the customer. In this phase, we are able to produce abrasive belts of the most varied sizes, according to the specific needs.

How belts are joined

The ends of the abrasive strips that are obtained after cutting, are joined together. The joining process can be carried out in various ways, depending on the needs of the end user. Let’s see the two main procedures used for joining the belts:

  • Overlap joint: the two edges of the strip of tape are grinded and then sprinkled with an adhesive. This type of joint is mainly used in paper belts and large belts for sanders.
  • Butt joint (or film joint): this is the most recent and technologically advanced method, it is the evolution of the overlap joint and, thanks to the use of reinforced film, it allows the edges of the tape to be joined together. This type of joint resists to wear and traction, despite its thickness. In the butt joint the ends of the belt are slightly grinded and then covered with a strong and elastic glue. Finally a special film is applied and the edges are put together and pressed.

Packing and storage of abrasive belts

Once joined, the belts are packed according to the customer’s requirements. The packaged belts are stored at temperatures above 20 ° C in environments where humidity does not exceed 60%.


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