Storage of abrasives

How should you store your abrasives? A proper storage of a product allows to extend its life and to keep its qualities unaltered as long as possible. It applies to any product, even those that are not perishable in the short term. And if we talk about manufacturing, poor conservation of a tool can negatively affect its performance and your work.

Let’s see below some simple rules that will allow you to store abrasives correctly and keep their performance:

  • ideal temperature range between 18°C and 22°C
  • ideal humidity range between 45% and 60%
  • do not expose them to sudden changes of temperature and humidity
  • do not expose them to direct contact with heat sources
  • avoid the direct exposure to sunlight
  • do not store on the floor
  • store in their original packaging until they are used
  • after their use, carefully store to prevent their deforming (belts must be hung up on a bar with a diameter of 50 mm or more)

We also suggest you a good rotation in stock: first use abrasives with an older production date and thus avoid using the latest purchases and “aging” others.

A proper storage of abrasives is important not only to keep the product performance but also, and overall, for the safety of the operator during their use.



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