Renewal of our ISO 9001 Certification

In the last month of May, we obtained the renewal of our certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the research and development, manufacture and sale of abrasive tools, already active since 2018. (Download the certificate:

The audit, recently carried out by the TUV certification body, confirmed the presence of the required requirements.

Our company has created an organizational system whose requirements, which comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, are applied to all business processes: from the commercial area to the management of purchasing, from production to quality control.

This certification renewal offers clear evidence of our commitment and attention to quality.

But what does it mean to be ISO certified?

ISO 9001 Standard and Certification

The ISO 9001 standard:

  • is the best known and most widespread standard for quality improvement
  • has the objective of supporting companies in achieving their goals by making the best use of available resources
  • is chosen by all those organizations that want to equip themselves with a work tool that aims to:
  • a constant improvement of company management, in terms of efficiency
  • costs reduction
  • greater customer loyalty.

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees the monitoring of the company’s operations, determining the level of effectiveness and efficiency, even in the long term.

What are the characteristics of an ISO 9001 certified company?

An ISO 9001 certified company is a company that:

  • proves its commitment to quality in every area of the company and towards customer satisfaction
  • ensures that the offered products and services comply with regulatory requirements and truly take into account the needs of customers
  • is committed to constant improvement from an organizational point of view
  • monitors compliance with the defined characteristics of the product
  • aims to prevent non-conformities and, if they occur, analyzes the causes to prevent them from occurring again.
  • monitors, with constant measurement and improvement, the effectiveness of its quality management system
  • allows:  greater cost control; waste reduction; increased productivity; effectiveness of internal processes, with the consequent reduction of inefficiencies.

Why is it important to have ISO 9001 certified suppliers?

An ISO 9001 certified company:

  • offers the guarantee of a solid structure, assessed by a super partes body
  • is organized in such a way as to control all the aspects of its activity for a constant improvement of quality standards.

All this means that, working with certified suppliers:

  • there is a guarantee that they will comply with certain quality levels
  • a greater quality guarantee can, in turn, be offered to customers. It might be them asking if you have certified suppliers in the first place!


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