Do you know how many combinations of abrasive flap wheels with spindle we produce?

More than 1,200, in addition to customized solutions that we study with the customer!

Choose the wheel, the grit and the stem you prefer: we’ll take care of the rest.

To meet any need, we produce abrasive flap wheels with spindle that can be set up with:

  • different types of cloth or non-woven fabric or in combinations
  • many size / grit combinations, even in intermediate diameters
  • multiple types of spindle (different diameters and different lengths)
  • M6 spindle that speeds up the change of the wheel during the machining (process).

Ruote lamellari con gambo - CTA Calflex


Main characteristics of flap wheels with spindle

Depending on the needs of use, it is possible to choose among different types of abrasive cloth wheels or non-woven and mixed wheels.

They are particularly suitable for the following operations:

  • Roughing
  • Cleaning
  • Satin finish
  • Finishing

They are also suitable for:

  • reaching restricted surfaces or in an uncomfortable position
  • for use on portable electric, pneumatic and flexible shaft machine tools

Different types of flap wheels

Depending on the needs of use, it is possible to choose between different types of abrasive cloth or to choose among lamellar wheels in non-woven and mixed fabrics.

  • Aluminium Oxide flap wheels with shank: thanks to the flexibilized support, they are suitable for grinding and finishing metals,
    in the case of both smooth or shaped parts.
  • Zirconia flap wheels with shank: the zirconium abrasive revives during processing, giving birth to new abrasive cusps. For this reason, it guarantees constant cutting and finishing. They are ideal for processing stainless steel and hard metal alloys.
  • Ceramic flap wheels with shank: they guarantee constant and aggressive removal without overheating the surface of use. They are recommended on stainless steel and metal alloys.
  • Trizact flap wheels with shank™: the Trizact ™ granules are identical pyramids that wear out uniformly during use and allow a constant finish to be obtained, without imperfections and scratches. They are used for precision finishing and polishing of non-ferrous metals and alloys.
  • Non woven flap wheels with shank: they are suitable for satin finishing and finishing of metal surfaces and can be set up with different types of non-woven fabric, depending on the metal to be treated.
  • Mixed flap wheels with shank: the abrasive cloth flaps interspersed with non-woven fabric flaps guarantee a sensible removal and a first degree of satin finish.

Cta Calflex catalog offers a wide range of flap wheels with different sizes and features, but others are available on request.

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