Ruote lamellari perno M6

The convenience of a flap wheel with an M6 threaded shank is unquestionable.

Those who perform different types of finishing during their machining process of a surface often need to replace one flap wheel with another (another size, another type of abrasive, another grit, or another shaft length) in order to choose the best abrasive tool to each operation.

The flap wheel with an M6 threaded shank can be easily screwed on and off the shaft and offers many economic and practical advantages. Let’s see which ones.

Advantages of a flap wheel with an M6 threaded shank

Versatility: associating different flap wheels with different shafts means creating wider combination possibilities to perform the required finishing in the best possible way, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Practicality and time saving: unscrew one wheel and screw on another and… problem solved! It only takes a few seconds to change the wheel on the same spindle. In this way, you won’t even need to waste time looking for wheels with spindles of specific lengths, which are not always easy to find: all you need is wheels with a threaded pin and the necessary spindles separately.

Saving money: being able to screw a different wheel into the same spindle or vice versa means that you won’t need to buy the same flap wheel equipped with every single spindle required; the wheel only needs to have the M6 threaded pin.

Lower environmental impact: waste is avoided because several wheels can be used on the same spindle and several spindles on the same wheel.

Our wheels with an M6 threaded shank

We mount the M6 ​​threaded shanks on the flap wheels that we produce in abrasive cloth (Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium, Ceramic, and Trizact™), available in assorted sizes and grits.

The threaded shanks have a diameter of 6 mm. You can choose them as fully threaded (threaded over their entire length) or partially threaded (with a 45 mm long thread).

Once again, Cta Calflex demonstrates to be able to go beyond the production of flexible abrasives in standard formats. It offers its customers tools equipped with special details that not only make a difference while using them, but that constantly ensure top-of-the-range quality.

Change the wheel to the same spindle, and change the spindle to the same wheel.

Watch the “Flap wheel with an M6 threaded spindle” video.

Check out our catalog – “Mounted flap wheels” section.

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