Machines and tools for surface finishing

Machines and tools are used for all types of surface finishing. Each machine can be set with spare parts and additional abrasive tools.

We offer:

  • Rotosat burnishing machine (Mod. L1503 and L1506)
  • Rotosmart sander (Mod. L1503)
  • Rototube (corpo macchina Mod. L1503)
  • Makita belt sander (Mod.9031)
  • Dynafile Belt grinder
  • Air angle grinder (Mod.RC7128)
  • Air straight grinder (Mod. RC7028)
  • Flex electrical low-speed straight grinder (Mod. H1105/VE)
  • Flex electrical high-speed straight grinder (Mod. H1127/VE)
  • Flex electrical angle grinder (Mod.L811 and Mod.L1001)
  • Flex cordless angle grinder (Mod.LB 125 18.0-EC/5.0 also at variable speed)
  • Makita Angle grinder (Mod.9565CVRX2)
  • Flex burnishing machine (Mod. Bse 14-3 100)
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