Accessories are proposed in order to offer a complete range to complete all working operations.

  • Graphite cloth
  • Abrasive cord
  • Naumkeag caps
  • Abrapen file tools for abrasive belts
  • Felt flap discs
  • Ventilated cotton brushes with spindle
  • Velcro felt discs
  • Cotton and cotton/sisal buffing discs
  • Polishing compounds for metal surfaces
  • Stainless steel: brushes, shaft-mounted circular brushes, M14 brushes
  • Circular nylon brushes
  • Bristle radial brushes
  • Polishing compounds
  • Abrasive rubber blocks
  • Abrasive pads
  • Inox cleaners and protectives
  • Abrasive belts lubricants
  • Backing pads for: paper and cloth velcro discs, fiber discs, non-woven discs, and Cubitron II™ fiber disc