Wide range of sheets, rolls, and pads made of abrasive paper or non-woven material

Abrasive sheets, rolls, and pads are made of abrasive paper or non-woven material. They are particularly indicated in surface preparation using sander machines or manually working.

Different sizes of sheets and different materials are available: paper, net, and non-woven sheets/pads. Also, rolls are proposed in several materials with different sizes in order to meet customer requirements. Moreover, they’re available in self-adhesive or velcro cloth and paper sheets.

Available in a wide range of sizes, grits, and settings:

  • Abrasive cloth and net sheets
  • Abrasive cloth and paper rolls
  • Non-woven Texpar, Texpan, Texpav, and CP abrasive rolls and pads
  • Abrasive paper and cloth strips (self-adhesive and with velcro)