As a tailor, we create customized tools for you

Cta Calflex’s abrasive products are set up in different specifications: grits, supports, types of mineral in the dimensions shown in the catalog or customized. All our products can be tailored to your needs.

Just like in a tailor shop, in Cta Calflex we are structured to create the abrasive tool that fits you perfectly. We collect your requests and the technical specifications you need and we do our best to develop a product based on your processing needs.


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Size customization

The catalog offers all our products in the most common standard sizes, but we are able to produce customized solutions based on specific requests. With particular reference to flap wheels and abrasive belts, we offer the possibility of defining ad hoc measures for:

  • Narrow belts: for material removal, grinding and pickling on all types of metal, as well as harmonization and polishing.
  • Tapes for portable machines: for roughing, sanding, harmonizing and finishing of surfaces, for removing welds, sanding and finishing applications on all types of metal and wood, up to sanding parquet floors.
  • Wide strips: for responding to the various demands of the wood and metal market in grinding and roughing operations, we are able to make wide strips of any size.
  • Flap wheels with spindle in aluminium oxide, zirconium or ceramic abrasive cloth, in abrasive non-woven material or mixed version. They are used for grinding, roughing and finishing of stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and other materials, even in areas that are difficult to access.
  • Flap wheels with a hole in slotted abrasive cloth, spaced and with zirconium or aluminium oxide, in abrasive non-woven material or mixed version. They are suitable for roughing, grinding and finishing of metal surfaces.

Personalized labels and packaging

Labeling of abrasive tools is a fundamental phase of production. In Cta Calflex we can customize both the labels and the packages by inserting the technical specifications of the product, the customer codes and above all the identification brand. In particular we provide 3 levels of customization:

  • Branded label on each tool
  • Custom or neutral boxes with personalized label
  • Total customization: branded label on each tool + customized box


At Cta Calflex we are specialized in the production of professional abrasives for industry, we carry out all the production phases and subsequent treatments internally. We are therefore able to offer the maximum degree of customization of abrasive tools, even for special processing needs.

Contact us for more information and personalized advice. Keep following us to stay informed about the latest news from the fascinating world of abrasives.

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